Amharic Write

If you want to write Ethiopian Alphabets with ease and speed, Amharic Write is for you.
Our goal is to save you time and allow you to concentrate on the quality of content being composed

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Amharic Write

Amharic Write equip users with the ability to write Ethiopian alphabet with ease and speed on a computer. The Amharic Write Software is built to eliminate the need to have prior knowledge of the English pronunciation in order to properly combine english letters to get the correct Ethiopian Alphabets.

The software is designed with the concept of simplifying writing long essays and/or writing a book/report for work or school. Most importantly Amharic Write will make your daily written communication (emails and letters/messages written in Amharic) with your family, friends, or colleagues easier.

Software's Features include:

  • Simple and speedy way of writing Ethiopian Alphabets on a Computer
  • Editing tools
  • Search and replace tools
  • Capacity to convert files to Word document files
  • Capacity to convert files to PDF files
  • E-mail composed information directly from the software
$24.99 BUY NOW


Windows XP and Up






The software will make writing Ethiopian alphabets as simple as writing English alphabets on a computer keyboard or a device that attaches a keyboard.



Software has editing tools like copy, past, undo, etc... making it easier to edit and adjust based on need and preference.



Allows users to easily export documents to PDF, Word Document or even email the composed material.

​ Forget complicated, embrace effortless and strengthen the context of your message. Start with Amharic Write For only $24.99


Plus alphabets

2 nd

Most spoken Semetic Language

3 k

Years of Ethiopian history

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